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There are so many beautiful and unexplored places in the world.


Travel by train to some of the less known destinations, and discover the hidden gems.

Fancy getting off the beaten track

If you're looking for a holiday with a difference, have a look at some of our 'hidden gems'.


Travelling by train is the perfect way to discover some of Europe's less well-known towns and cities, with a quick and easy transfer in Paris or Lille unlocking thousands of routes across the stunning French countryside to the sun-kissed Mediterranean, the snow-capped Alps and beyond. Have fun!


Tip : book 3 months in advance to enjoy early bird fares !


Northern France - Lille

The hospitality, beautiful lights and so many brilliant Flemish paintings makes this a city you will never forget!

The French Alps - Chamonix

Head to the foot of the famous Mont-Blanc for a visit to one of France's most authentic and cozy village! Hiking, multi-day trips, winter sports and mountain bike trails: here is always something to do. Take the cable car to the Aquille du Midi for a breathtaking view.

Alsace - Colmar

The different Alsacian architectures, including the Koïfhuis, Saint-Martin, the Maison Pfister and colored half-timbered houses, are the touristic attraction of the French / German Colmar. Tip: treat yourself to a ride in flat-bottomed boat on the Lauch river.

Normandy - Deauville

Film Art, fashion and horse racing: since 1923, Deauville is known as the French capital for polo. Get out for a trip to the "Planches de Deauville (the wooden deck along the beach), or pamper yourself at the Centre de Thalasso-Spa Algotherm. Did you know that Deauville's beaches are amongst the finest along the Côté Fleurie?

Brittany - Saint Malo

Saint-Malo is a proud city, as steadfast as the ramparts that stand strong against the sea. Behind these walls however you will discover an authentic gem with a romantic allure that could have come straight out of a tale by the novelist François de Chateaubriand!

Basque Country - Biarritz

Biarritz's beach is well known as a paradise for surfers. Feel like doing something more cultural? Dive into the Museum of the Sea and finish your trip with some 'chipirons à la plancha' (small squid) on the esplanade of the Old Port.